Evening the Score

Or… Evening: the Score.

I am generally not terribly positive about our government. However, I don’t want to be totally biased so I thought it important to note that this evening, while the kids tore up and down the hall doing practise race starts, I had a flick through the trending articles on my phone and discovered three good news stories.

1) Scott Morrison is putting his foot down (at least verbally) about dealing with recycling onshore. He is interested in saving money. But hopefully he will find that jobs that will be created too.

2) Peter Dutton has basically ordered that investigative journalists be allowed to do their work with as little threat as possible from police raids.

3) Westpac has been fined by APRA for not handing in their March reporting on time. It’s only $1.5 million out of a total annual profit of $8 billion but APRA says it’s the biggest fine they were able to levy.

Bravo! The weather may be icy but that’s the most heart-warming news scoop I’ve had in months.

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