Making Your Own Yoghurt

For as long as I can remember, my Mum has made yoghurt. It’s brilliant! So I thought I would share the recipe with you. The great thing about this way of making yoghurt is you just use the bottom bit of each jar to make the next lot. Eventually (after maybe 20 or 30 sets) the culture seems to get tired (you can tell because it doesn’t set as well) and you might have to buy more yoghurt. We prefer biodynamic full cream yoghurt as our starter. So you only have to buy yoghurt every now and then and you never have to buy those little starter culture sachets. It’s a pretty cheap way to get yoghurt.

The hardest part is finding a suitable jar and thermos. But you can buy sets.

How it’s done:

Put a generous one and two thirds cups of full cream milk powder into a one litre jar (one with a screw-on lid)

Add on top three generous dollops of full cream, live culture yoghurt.

Fill the jar with warm water (to about 2 cm from the brim) – about 40 degrees (so a bit warmer than body temperature).

Mix it all together as well as you can. As you dig up the milk powder, the water will subside so you may have to top up. I use a bar-mix with a whisk attachment. If you hold it upright and right in the centre, you can have the jar pretty full and it still doesn’t spill. If you want a full jar, add more water right at the end.

Place the jar inside a warm thermos. We have an Easy-yo thermos and we put boiling water in the bottom section and the jar sits above the boiling water. But I think you can just warm the thermos with boiling water then tip out the water and put the jar in. Put the thermos lid on and place the thermos somewhere which is likely to stay pretty warm. In the summer, it doesn’t matter. But in the winter try and put it near a window that gets a lot of sun.

After about 8-10 hours, go and check on it. You should be able to tip the jar to quite an angle without the yoghurt moving. If yes, put the jar in the fridge.

If you buy an Easy-yo set, it does come with a plastic jar which you can use. I have a thing about using plastic in situations where it gets warmed up so we prefer our glass jars. But one litre glass jars aren’t always easy to come by.

If you like fruit yoghurt, it’s easy to just add a bit of jam as a sweetener to your snack. My personal favourite is raspberry jam.

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