What happened?

Some people may have noticed a diminution in my outpourings. The first week was accidental. And then, in the middle of the second week, a friend asked me why I started writing. After I put forth a stumbling set of reasons, she suggested I needed to be more structured. She pointed out that an audience needs some kind of continuity if they are to keep coming back for more. They need to know what to expect.

When I began this blog, it was to relieve some of my pent up frustrations around people who don’t accept climate change. It was to gently put forth my own reasoning and thinking in the hope that the world might listen. But I have not stuck to that. I have rambled on about this and that and pondered many interesting ideas. I certainly haven’t formulated any logical thesis or maintained any strict theme. And the thought of attempting to do so exhausts me.

I feel like my drive to write about Climate Change is fizzling. Not that Climate Change has become any less important to me. But I don’t think I can change anybody’s mind. In discussing my problem with another friend, she sent me an essay by Ayn Rand called Judging One’s Audience. In it Ms Rand observes “”Devising a rational method to address the irrational is a contradiction.” People have a mindset and unless they are open to change already, I can logic myself blue in the face and they simply won’t hear. I have a friend who refuses to be convinced that Climate Change is caused by humans. No matter what I say, he just says “I’m just not convinced” and goes on with something about oceans that I don’t understand. I feel like stamping my foot and shaking him. How can he not be convinced? To me it seems like sheer arrogance to deny the work of thousands of scientists who are far more intelligent and better informed than him or me. But he doesn’t see it that way. He sees other things that he has read/heard which seem (to him) be as scientific as the climate scientists.

Also, P’s new job has given my mind a slight amount of peace. It seems, from what he is learning, that private enterprise is taking up alternative energies because it’s simply more economically viable. Business does it because of money and if business does it, normal people will start realizing the economic value of it too. Why pay for diesel (and the miles of transport to get it there) to run the generators at your mine site when you can get free energy from the blazing Aussie sun which is right there overhead scorching the bejeebers out of you while you work?

So the government can go to hell as far as I’m concerned (their own private hell where coal won’t sell and the economy limps along boosted by temporary band-aid measures).

The Australian government is not a horse leading a cart. It is a limping cart man chasing the loosed horse down a hill yelling “Stop! Stop! You’re going the wrong way!”

Anyway, my point is, I’m not sure I can be bothered writing about Climate Change. Thousands of writers and scientists better qualified than me have done it already with minimal success. Why would my little oar be the power that turned the boat? The fact is, it wouldn’t. I have no desire to sit down and research essays that have already been written.

I think, in short, that the passion which hit me about this time last year, is being slowly beaten out of me. I have come to realise that I am not brilliant or inspired. I don’t have much new to offer to the argument. All I have is my own conviction and the ability to change my own life, one step at a time, to minimise my own guilt so that I can look my kids in the eye and say I did my best.

Watch this space… for whatever comes next.

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