Tomorrow is the last day of January.  What a hell of a January it has been.  And I mean hell as in hellish.  There have been a few redeeming moments but in general I would rate it as one of the worst months of my life.  A few people have said to me (making contact for the first time in a while) “Happy New Year” and I think to myself “Sorry?  When?  I didn’t see that part.  What are you referring to?”  But I don’t say it because I hate being Mrs Nego of Negoville.

What scares me is how quickly people forget.   Yesterday I decided to revisit an old friend in an effort to try and focus for long enough to get a bit of housework done.   I found “The Signal” – an ABC podcast – on my phone and plugged in my earphones and took a deep breath.  The very first podcast for the year was about how the bushfires have effected politics.  They talked about the bushfires in the past tense.  They talked about summer in the past tense.

Dudes!! It’s still happening!  It’s not over yet. My husband was fighting fires on Australia Day!  Just 3 days ago, an army helicopter lit a fire just by landing in Namadgi National Park!  That fire has now burned at least 15000 hectares and is still listed as “Out Of Control” on the RFS website.

I know people who went down to the coast for the last week of the school holidays and felt seriously threatened – threatened enough that their kids wanted to come home early!

Are people seriously sitting back going “Phew, glad that’s over!” ?  If they are, what hope do we have?  By the next election Scotty from Marketing might be number one favourite liar all over again.

Good old Scotty.  He wants to bring people home from Coronavirus beleaguered  Wuhan and imprison them on Christmas Island.  He thinks Christmas Island is some kind of bare rock where he can shackle the untouchables.  The residents of Christmas Island have had just about enough, I think.  According to The Signal, many Australian citizens in Wuhan would rather stay in Wuhan than be sent to Scotty’s Prison.  As Ange said “That’s harsh feedback!”

A friend said to me today “I don’t think our politicians are running the country.”  Too right!  Our darling Scotty is an itsy bitsy puppet with a mouth made out of dollar coins and two eyes made out of coal.

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