The hidden strings behind the “Miracle” unveiled

When I was small, we lived on a little Indonesian Island.  I was only seven when we left so I don’t have clear memories but I have heard many stories.  One was about an election in which two neighbouring villages voted “incorrectly”.  As a result, the road through them was not sealed and they had to put up with the dust of trucks passing through.

I remember this story and the sense of superiority – the feeling that “this wouldn’t happen in Australia”.

But it has.

On top of the Bridget McKenzie fiasco, I now read on the ABC about $150million being divided between 11 Coalition-held marginal seats on the eve of the election.  I quote:

“No guidelines.  No tender process.  No application form.  Some recipients didn’t know they’d even been given money until they read about it in the local paper.”

Ok so our politicians choose the carrot, not the stick.  But honestly, what’s the difference?  Coercing election results in this way is not democratic.  It was done dishonestly and secretively.

I received an email from an environmental organisation last night about a court case against the Adani Coal mine.  They wrote:

“Australians expect that when you break the law, you face consequences…”

I am just not sure this is true anymore.  At least not for the “elite”.

Our PM called his victory a miracle.  I call it a misuse of public money.


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