So back in early 2018  Barnaby Joyce stepped down as leader of the National Party and as Deputy Prime Minister.    Why?    Well,  I’m not sure.  Was it because he had an affair which got one of his staffers pregnant?  Or was it because he got her high paying jobs?

Anyway, whatever the case, he stepped down and there was a big hullaballoo – a bit like the hullaballoo over Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky only more Aussie.

Now, in 2020 we’ve had

  • Sports Rorts episode #1.          Colour coded sports centres get funding just before the election.    Whatset McWhatsieface stepped down over that.   Value $100million
  •  Sports Rorts episode #2         Swimming pools handed out like candies to Liberal seats just before the election.     Value  $150 million
  • Rorts episode #3      PM  hands out cash just before the election…. 80% to Liberal seats.  All monies handed out by Liberal MPs (even in Labor held seats) and published only in local media.      Value   $272 million

So one little National Party lady has lost her job over  $522million.  And she wasn’t even banned from Parliament.  Just slightly demoted.

And yet two years ago,  the deputy Prime Minister stepped down because of his illicit liaison  (frankly, his business, I don’t give a flying fat rat’s tooter) and inappropriate support of one person.

Seriously,  what are we paying taxes for?  Election campaigns?  I don’t think so.

I think I’ll look for a job that pays cash.


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