The COVID Curtain

It feels a little like journalists have so much to say that they don’t have time to edit anything.  At this time, when everybody is hungry for updates on WTF is going on, the newsfeed pours out into the intertubes like so much sewerage down a sewer pipe.  Some sentences don’t even make sense.  I don’t particularly blame the journalists.  It’s just the modern way.  I’m sure, when the Spanish Flu ravaged the United States in 1918, the same number of papers rolled through the press each day as always.  These days, we can add to stuff every 10 minutes.

So there’s a story I’ve seen twice today – once on ABC and once on  Unfortunately, I wasn’t entirely clear as to the meanings of either article.  But this is what I think I learned:

As we are probably all aware Peter Dutton (a Liberal Politician) is currently in hospital with COVID19.  Before he was tested and confirmed positive, he met with many people including Ivanka Trump, the Australian Cabinet, presumably his own family, etc.

Apparently Chris Bowen (who suffers the indignity of being in the Opposition Party) dared to suggest that Cabinet and any other people who had been in contact with Dutton in the previous two weeks should self-isolate.  This seems reasonable to me, given all the stuff I have heard.  But no, apparently he is just trying to make political gains from Dutton’s illness.  Little scamp.  And, according to (which admittedly I wouldn’t list among the most reliable sources)  Brendan Murphy (Australia’s Chief Medical Officer) said Cabinet didn’t have to self-isolate because Dutton wasn’t sick at the time of the meeting.  Fascinating.

And then there’s this other article (this is in the ABC) which tells of how the Greek Orthodox Church “will allow congregations… to sip wine from the same spoon during mass because “the holy cup cannot carry disease” the Archdiocese said.  ABC Journalist Jessica Longbottom notes that 373,000 people identified as Greek Orthodox in the 2016 census and 40% of those were aged over 50.

So now we learn that Greek Orthodox People and Politicians are exempt from any medical advice issued by the WHO.  One group because of the power of God, and the other group because they think they are God.

I would suggest that the best choices are:

become Greek Orthodox

become an entitled politician

OR give all of the above a wide berth during this crisis.


Sadly the choices for avoiding Climate Change are less clear at this stage.


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