An honest appraisal

So here’s the thing.

This blog is pretty serious, as a rule.  I talk about politics, environment, fires, the plague, etc.   But right now, the plague is all consuming.   It’s every thought and plan and day.  Nobody needs to read about it here.  I don’t want to write about COVID19 for the next eighteen months.  And somehow, it’s hard to focus on Climate Change right now.

If COVID19 is my only choice, I think I have to take it from a more personal angle.  I must admit, I have started reading other people’s blogs because of curiosity about other people’s lives.  Started trying to get a feel for how it is in other parts of the world right now.   But after I left Facebook,  I vowed I would remain as anonymous as possible.  Nobody I know will be easily recognizable by this blog if I can help it.  It should not be my choice to reveal things about other people on the internet.  And, by extension, I have to remain pretty anonymous too.  Otherwise it gives too much away.

So I am pondering my next step.  Maybe I will end up writing about COVID19 because I can’t help it.  Or maybe there will be a break while I figure out a new angle.  Some ideas include:

*learning how to home-school my kids

*something more on the creative side

*comparing COVID19 to a journey to Mars


Watch this space.    I’m not sure what’s coming.


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