In the long-shadowed light of late afternoon, a magpie (so cleanly black and white) is highlighted in the plane tree.   Autumn is easing down on us.  The nights are colder and today, when we went bike-riding, I wore a jumper both up hills and down.

The Easter long weekend is over.  What did you miss, this Easter?

I am not an extrovert in that I find crowds of people I don’t know incredibly intimidating.  I am the worst mingler you can imagine.

But I love chatting to people one on one.  I love coffees with friends, hugging my mug with two hands and hunkering down over the steam.  I love saying to P “Let’s invite so&so over for scones” or whatever.  I love long afternoons with family, in the living room discussing all manner of politics, family stories, going for a walk, throwing a frisbee.    I love the incentive to clean the house,  make a yummy treat, get the kids buzzing about some performance they want to put on of scooting or bike-riding or musicianship.

In isolation, it is on us four (or five including the cat) to be inspired, get baking, clean the house, go for a ride, etc.  Socialising is done by phone or by internet.  It is more distant, less congenial, less planned.  Twice over the weekend, people we know have ridden by and I have chatted to them from two or three metres away – standing in the sun or cold, unable to offer cups of tea or tasty treats, unable even to offer a seat.

And the variety is less (at the moment).  There are people I meet at school who I chat eagerly to, look forward to seeing, but have never exchanged phone numbers with.

I really must get around to planning a proper internet cuppa – a time, a location, a friend.  Otherwise its just phonecalls among chores, kids interrupting, trying to drink tea before it gets cold or do the washing up with one hand.

Maybe I can start weekly resolutions:

1)  Internet cuppa

2)  Spend one hour drawing

3)  Hand write a letter to a friend


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