When the going gets tough… look after cute baby things.

Yes, folks.  We had a “looking after baby things” day and it totally had healing powers.  I recommend it.


Peas. We grew them from seed and today we made the little bamboo structure and organised the bed.  The bed was bought for our daughter when she was about three.  She had strawberries in it and we got her a little watering can too.   Now it makes the beans look as cute as she did with her watering can.
The peas in the little seedling set-up we used before we planted them out. The labels are made out of a cut up ice cream container. The little pots were from our grass when we re-did our front yard.


Today we bought chickens!!!!!!!

Five little sweeties in a hat nest.


We hadn’t meant to buy such babies.  But COVID19 has (unsurprisingly) had people making changes in their lives.  They’re doing stuff to their houses,  fixing up their gardens and… as it turns out, deciding that chickens would be a good idea.  Most adult chooks are sold out.  And chicken coops too!

So, we bought the ickle pickle cutie chicks and, we’re attempting the parallel parenting of a 13 year old indoor cat and 5 tiny cat snacks.  And while the chicks are too tiny to survive outdoors, we have time to build a coop out of the wonderful array of random stuff that my husband stores in the garage.  As I said to him this afternoon,  I will never be allowed to accuse him of storing junk ever again.  COVID19 will prove that every thing he has ever kept was worthwhile and sensible!

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