Handy Pick-me-ups

For the last couple of days I have been trying to familiarise myself with the photo-inclusion process on this blog-site.  I took a whole lot of photos of things that make me happy while I’m in lockdown.  But I have struggled to get them arranged nicely around my words.  So this is my fourth or fifth attempt.  Wish me luck.

The first photo is easy – that’s the “featured image” at the top of the page and it represents our kids.  It’s intense having them home all the time but it’s also lovely.  They add so much humour and creativity to life at home.  (By the way, if you have kids, they may enjoy this artform too.  Just trace around your hand in the centre of the page and then fill your hand print with patterns.)

Last week Little Mr said “Daddy, there’s a spider under there.”  When P asked “Under where?”  he was told very solemnly “You just said underwear.”


Yesterday, we made chocolate brownies and choc chip cookies.  Little Miss told her brother “Don’t put the cookies too close together.  They need to do social distancing.”

So that was two things in one – a lovely quote from our daughter and baking.  I do love a few sweet yummies to have with the other photo – my special almost ritualistic morning coffee.


The next block of photos is all about the garden.  I love being outside.  The weather is just spectacular right now and we have lots of flowers (native and otherwise) to be enjoyed when I am picking seeds for the chickens.  And last night, when I made “Mushroom Chowder” for dinner, I discovered we were out of carrots in the fridge and was able to stroll out to the vegie patch and pick some fresh ones.  Amazing feeling!



The other amazing thing about being outside is the sky.  Look at this cloud formation from when I was bringing in the washing the other evening!  I heard on a podcast that world carbon emissions may drop as much as 10% thanks to COVID19.  I wonder how long it will last.  There’s no need to say what I’m wishing for.

And last but definitely not least is…

Animals!!!!   Having animals around is so entertaining, comforting and engaging.  Right now, I am soooooo glad that we have pets.

P is working from home, like many people.  Basically we try to give him space when he’s working and enjoy his company when he’s not.  It’s lovely having him home for lunches and for random enjoyment of the kids and the pets.  This weekend he is chief chicken coop builder and, thus, very busy in the garage.

So… these are the things that keep me above the sanity line right now.



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