Imaginary Friends… any recommendations?

I have been finding myself at a bit of a loss during relaxation time, after the kids have gone to bed.  I signed up (again) to Netflix, hoping to be able to sink myself into some mindless movie viewing in the evenings.  But even so, I have struggled.  I watch the first few minutes of a movie and then already start forecasting all the troubles and sadness awaiting the characters and find I can’t face watching on (and believe me, I am not prone to challenging viewing so the troubles I forecast are simple human troubles which any of us might face at one time or another).  The truth is, I want to be made happy by my viewing.  Happy, easy, light…

On Monday night, I found something that suited my mood.  It was a TV series and I drank it up eagerly, quickly developing affection for many of the characters and being pleased with how they developed and weren’t as 2 dimensional as you might originally expect.  But guess what?  I was too greedy.  And last night I finished all the episodes that are available thus far.  I don’t know if it will continue.  And all my imaginary friends are on pause for an indefinite period… like most of our lives right now.

When I lived in China,  I bought the full DVD set of Friends – I’m sure most people remember that old chestnut.  I loved it.  And two of my friends in China (neither of whom were native English speakers!! Some people are so amazing at learning languages) also loved it.  On weekend nights or during holidays we would gather at my apartment and watch and watch and watch way way into the night / early morning.   I tried getting the DVDs out again recently, to revisit that happy place, but it didn’t work.  It was too predictable.  You can’t step in the same river twice.

Another TV series I once loved was an Australian show called “Sea Change”.  I grew up without TV but, when I was in University accommodation, one of my flatmates had a TV and I was absolutely addicted to Sea Change.  I thought the characters were so quirky and charmingly Aussie.  Again a recent opportunity to watch it was vaguely disappointing.  Not as bad as Friends but not as great as I remembered.

So if anybody out there can recommend something light and witty and just about normal people that I might find on Netflix… I’d really appreciate it.  I could really do with some more imaginary friends right now.

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