Gratitude has become a kind of therapy, from what I understand.

Well, here are some things I am grateful for right now:

** I am so grateful that my parents and parents-in-law all seem to be getting through all this amazingly well, especially given some of the hurdles that have been thrown in some pathways.

**  I am so glad we have two kids and that they are good friends.  Lock-down has been made bearable for them (and us) by them having at least each other for company.

**  I feel so lucky that my husband’s job is secure and easy to do from home and that I didn’t have a job and could focus entirely on taking up the challenge of schooling from home.

**  I am grateful that we live near a big green space (and by near, I mean it’s pretty much our front yard).  Apart from giving the kids extra space to run around on, it’s also a lovely view from our living room.

**  I am thankful that 2020 is nearly half over.  What a year! A friend sent me this cute little cartoon and we decided that the last caption repeated over and over is pretty much representative of 2020.



** I am grateful that we are getting our Tesla back on Monday.  From January 20 to May 11… the repair after the hail damage didn’t take nearly as long as I expected.

**  I feel so lucky that Australia was among the latest countries to be reached by the virus and that (for reasons I will never be privy to) our conservative government decided, for once in their lives, to listen to expert advice.

It’s a pretty good list.  And there’s a whole lot of stuff in there that I haven’t mentioned because it’s so intrinsic to my life – like being born to a well-off family in a well-off country with a good health system and having a husband who has guided us seamlessly through all this and being lucky enough to feel loved and supported and feeling safe at home and not having any underlying health issues…

The list goes on and on and on and on.

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