Our Cat vs Donald Trump

One day, perhaps two months ago, my husband made a comment which caused me to think that our cat is very much like Donald Trump.  The deeper we dug into this idea, the truer it seemed.  It was a disturbing revelation.

Our cat believes he is King.

Our cat demands attention as though he were our sole reason for being here.

Our cat is willing to lie unashamedly to get what he wants (especially when it comes to the question of whether he has had dinner or not).

Our cat continues to arrest skinks in the cat-yard despite expert advice pertaining to their economic and social value in that environment.

Our cat is somewhat overweight, rather orange and self-obsessed.

Our cat is not above inappropriate touching… although he’s somewhat saved by not having opposable thumbs.

Our cat will be absolutely lovely and enchanting while he gets what he wants.  But moments later he will scratch, bite and dismiss your company with unforgiving aggression.  In other words, he is a bully.

Our cat remembers his enemies FOREVER.

Our cat will always blame somebody else for his own wrong-doings.


Our cat does not lead the most powerful nation in the world and therefore I can still love and treasure him.  But if our cat was the President of the United States of America, it would be a tragedy for the planet at large.


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