A little dabble with Winnie

I am fascinated by the dispute between Australia and China.  China doesn’t want the origins of COVID19 investigated by foreign nations.  They are flexing their (not insignificant) economic muscles and threatening tariffs on some Australian goods.  Australia doesn’t need extra threats to its economy right now.  But even I, who tries very hard not to let myself be dragged into the anti-China sentiment,   can’t help wondering what the big secret is.

P has been most intrigued by a couple of videos brought out by Chris Martenson (who is apparently of dubious reliability in past times) which suggest that there is sufficient evidence to implicate a Virology Institute in Wuhan which was funded by the Americans (including Fauci).  While Martenson’s past haunts him (and while I haven’t dared to face watching the videos myself) I struggle to doubt the intelligence and investigative abilities of my husband, his brother and his father.  None of them strike me as inclined toward your run-of-the-mill YouTube gullibility.  But if Martenson’s logic is right, then the USA is implicated as much as China and it was Trump who first waved his arms about and demanded an investigation.  Clearly there is a lot that we little people aren’t privy to.  I am very curious to see how it will all play out.

I am pretty depressed with the Government’s complete and deliberate blindness to any real action on Climate Change.  They are spending money set aside for renewables on “clean coal” – that mythical friend of the tooth fairy.  They are continuing to ignore advice from senior public servants and scientists.   So if Morrison’s little economic tiff with China gets him in a spot of bother, I won’t mind too much.  But I find it peculiar, given the Coalition’s obsession with money.  It makes me even more intrigued about what is REALLY going on.

Anyway, as Winnie the Pooh would say…  Curiouser and curiouser.



One thought on “A little dabble with Winnie

  1. It turns out, Winnie the Pooh did not coin the phrase “curiouser and curiouser”. Dad questioned this. I can’t remember who he thought it might be. But upon investigation (popularly known as “Googling”), this expression is attributed to Alice in Wonderland. Do I edit or do I leave this interesting correction as a PS…?


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