A Day Away

We have some land about 2 hours south of where we live.   It seems to be my heart country.  I don’t know how else to explain the extreme happiness being there brings me, even although I don’t remember that happiness when I am away for long periods.  It is the land of rolling hills, granite boulders, snow gums,  poa tussock,  secret springs and a little tea-coloured river that freezes over on winter mornings.

Eleven years ago we put up an insulated shed there.  Since having kids, we don’t get there as often as we’d like.  But every time we go, we promise ourselves we’ll go more often.  This year, between fires, floods & pestilence, there have been plenty of excuses not to go.  But today, we braved -4 degree frosts  and headed off in our Tesla.  Below are some photos from our day.

P had to use most of my thermos of hot water to melt the tank tap so that we could access more water.  It has certainly been cold there.  You can see above, the stick sitting on the iced-over river.  The icy blanket was about 5mm thick.

Although we had taken ingredients for lunch, I found a 5-pack of instant noodles in the cupboard in the shed.  This seemed like a blissful idea (somehow, in the battle against too much salt, instant noodles have become a symbol of luxury!).  So we made a campfire, boiled a billy and made instant noodles.  I have to admit they were slightly disappointing but still… a treat nonetheless.   The kids roasted marshmallows and pieces of banana (our son is not a fan of marshmallows).

We walked down to the river, finding patches of frost in shady dells and a little spring from which the stream had frozen over.  Again and again, I am wowed by the views.



And then we drove home under eagles, gliders and a billowing sheet of cloud.


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