Open Letter II

Mr Morrison, the one thing that has salvaged my opinion of you and your gas-loving cronies is that you DIDN’T copy America in your approach to COVID19.  At last I saw a man who was more than just a puppet to the big guys (Trump, coal, oil & gas).

And now,  I read on the ABC your words that are a weird echo of Mr Trump.  You say we should “be honest” and “respect” our history.  Apparently that means that glorifying slave traders with statues is a useful and progressive idea.  You say that the “Black Lives Matter” movement is lead by the extreme left.  On what basis do you make this statement?  What about people who have been unjustly treated for 400 years?  What about people who have to fight every day just to be treated like we privileged people expect as a matter of course?  What about the First Australians whose history has been hidden, lied about and wiped over by white men for more than two centuries?   Are they the extreme left?

Or are they just desperate to actually be listened to for once?

Use COVID19 as an excuse to disapprove of protests.  You’ll get away with that.  But don’t go slinging blame around like a Trump Mini-Me.

Turns out you are just another cranky toddler.

Don’t worry, sweetie, Mummy will get your bottle and your blankie.  You’ll get your own way soon if you stomp that wrinkly little foot hard enough.


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