i don’t know if i’m allowed to ask this question…

when it comes to fluidity is it limited to gender can you identify as black if you appear to be white can you identify as poor if you appear to be rich can you identify as vegetable if you appear to be human i just want to know because if i can identify as a man then surely other aspects of my appearance and biology and genetics can also be negotiated and if that’s true then wow  i think that holds real potential for future world peace  but i don’t think it’s true because i have been told that i don’t know what its like to be discriminated against every day and i have told men that they don’t know what it’s like to be a woman for the same reason  so people  hug their differences to them and don’t always accept that people might try really hard to empathise but there are trans people out there who really believe they are women even if their genitalia contradicts that and i certainly can’t tell them they’re wrong i mean who would want to lose privileges right and if a biological man is an identifying woman then she is giving up a bunch of privileges and why would she do that unless she really felt strongly about it but i guess its harder to appear to be black i mean i saw an old BBC production of Othello in which Othello was played by a white man and it was terrible it was terrible that they gave a white man the role and it was terrible because his body paint looked kind of blue and when scarlett johansen played a trans person that was terrible too from what i hear  because why not give the role to a trans person so i guess i’m confused is it okay to be confused or is that politically incorrect i hope it’s not because i want people to be allowed to be who they are i just don’t always feel like the same rules apply to everybody

2 thoughts on “i don’t know if i’m allowed to ask this question…

  1. it’s okay to be confused; I feel these things too and I know I am not alone but I do understand that being white is a privilege and it irks me when a white person plays a black man or a hetero-woman plays a trans person when for authenticity alone a trans person should be the logical choice to be considered for such a role.

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