Right now, this pandemic (it seems to me) is heading into Phase 2.  If you live where I do, it feels like a memory already but I tend to tell myself that we’re just on holiday.  We’re simply in the eye of the storm.   Even just a few hundred kilometres south,  Melbourne is calling in the help of our Defence Forces to… well I assume it’s to help police the rules which have had to be reintroduced in particular areas.

From January onwards,  P has been quite obsessive about researching this virus.  He is, I am beginning to think, at least as on top of what’s going on as our health ministers and has less reasons to hide information..  And he tells me things.  Now I don’t do all the reading/watching/researching that he does because… well, simply put, I’m the wrong personality.  But I think it’s worth sharing some of the things he is telling me and if you think it’s worthwhile, you can go and research it for yourselves.

  1.  Fauci (in the US) is now saying people should wear masks having said, for months, that it wasn’t necessary or useful.  He has admitted that the main reason they were playing down the usefulness was that they wanted to save the masks for people on the front line.  That’s fine.  But it’s been misleading to say people SHOULDN’T wear masks and now he has to reverse that whole message.  So, do your own research but I say, if you can make or buy a mask, don’t feel stupid wearing it if there’s an outbreak in your area.
  2.   Apparently there is significant evidence to suggest that people who are low in vitamin D3 react far more extremely to the virus than people who have healthy levels of vitamin D3. (This information was from Dr John Campbell’s Youtube Channel)  In fact, it seems that Vitamin D3 is good, in general, for fighting viruses.  Here in Australia, it’s winter and the sun’s rays are beautiful without being overloaded with ultraviolet light.   So I’m spending as much time in the garden as I can (catching the most natural form of Vitamin D).  P is particularly prone to very nasty colds/flus so he has also bought Vitamin D3 supplements to get through this winter with.  If you’re stuck inside a lot, maybe consider taking supplements every couple of days or something to boost your vitamin D levels.
  3.  The jury is still out on the real origin of this virus although I’m hearing of more and more sources suggesting it is indeed an escaped man-made virus from a lab.  My understanding is that one of the big bits of evidence supporting this is that if a virus transmits from another species to a human, it only has a tenuous hold and is unlikely to be highly transmissable between humans in its initial form.  COVID19 has been very transmissable from the moment it appeared in Wuhan late last year.  Please note, by suggesting this I am NOT suggesting that the Chinese deliberately made and released this virus.  I see that as a crazy conspiracy theory and I’m not a buyer.  As mentioned previously there is a Chinese/US owned virology institute in Wuhan which is in cooee of where the first cases were reported.  There’s also some evidence to suggest that the lab was in need of renovation and updating but that the US government had withdrawn funding.  I can’t prove anything but you might like to do your own research.
  4.    Since March (I think P said it was first noticed in Italy), the virus has already mutated.  The “new” mutation is even more transmissable than the original form although it may not be as fatal. (It makes evolutionary sense for a virus not to kill off all its hosts, right? Else… dead virus.)  That being said, it still does a lot of damage to one’s lungs if one gets it badly.  And there is some evidence to suggest that (in extreme cases) it causes clotting in the brain and therefore can cause personality changes, reduced functionality in some areas, etc.  To my mind, it’s not a virus you want to catch, even if you’re fit and healthy.

So, as I said.  We are currently pretty relaxed but we don’t expect it to last.  We are staying alert and keeping our pantry stocks healthy (but not covetous).

You may think I’m spreading fake news.  That’s your prerogative.  I just say, if you don’t believe me, do some research and make your own decisions.  I have found P to be pretty careful about his sources and he has played this virus exactly right so far.  So I thought it was worth sharing what he tells me.

2 thoughts on “On COVID

  1. I had read that some sources are now saying we should wear masks in public. Frankly I hate the idea but if I lived in the city and had to use public transport or go to crowded places I would do it. I can visualise Melbourne and Sydney where it’s hard to even walk down the streets in the CBD without occasionally brushing up against people.
    I don’t like crowds and I have never much liked being in close contact with strangers. Sitting at the same table as a stranger in a food court for example. I just don’t like it. I don’t like communal tables in restaurants. I was that way long before Covid-19 made it a no-no. I’m also not really a “huggy” person so I haven’t missed the physical contact with others that much. I think that has made isolation a lot easier for me because it is pretty much what I was doing anyway.
    I feel very fortunate to live in an isolated community, where, because I haven’t lived here long I don’t really know a lot of people. It’s nice to say hello and chat to people but I don’t have to deal with crowds of strangers all the time.

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