Politics, Heroes and Victims

As Victoria rushes to stem the tide of COVID, other Australian states look on, both sympathetic and protective of their own safety.  Borders are closing.  The Queenslanders (with the whole of New South Wales between them and Victoria)  even suspect Victorians of smuggling themselves across the border on freight trucks.  Maybe it’s true but it seems unbelievable to me.

This year is unbelievable.

World politics is unbelievable.

In the US,  the numbers are terrifying.  Over 1600 deaths in the last two days and 61,848 new cases just yesterday.   P showed me the graphs.

He made the remark that during two days in April, more people died of COVID19 than died in the September 11 attacks in 2001.

And yet Trump still glosses over it and congratulates himself on saving thousands of lives.

Will the dead be remembered every year in memorials all over the country?  Will the doctors who tried to save them be haled as heroes?

Or will it all be forgotten in the political mayhem of an election year?



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