Scott Morrison; PM, B.Sc, Drone

Our PM is very disapproving of the planned Black Lives Matter protest in Sydney.

Perhaps his disapproval would be heeded with more interest if he hadn’t disapproved of every single protest that had happened since he got his job last year.

Dude, if you want impact you have to change your tone of voice once in a while.  You should know that from Marketing.



Oh my goodness! From finding out his quals for the title of this blog, I learn he did a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Applied Economic Geography.  Science?!  Science!! Did they teach him to geographically and economically distance himself from science?

3 thoughts on “Scott Morrison; PM, B.Sc, Drone

  1. Very true. When it was climate change protests he was complaining that kids should be in school. I suppose we should be grateful he hasn’t ordered out the AFP with tear gas like Trump in Portland.
    We’ve had some rotten PM’s especially in the last few years. I thought Tony Abbott was as bad as it gets but Scotty from marketing has got me feeling like I want to punch him every time I see his face on TV.

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