Where doom and gloom meet…

“Hello Doom.  I’m Gloom.”

“Hello Gloom.  You’re here with whom?”

“I’m alone, dear Doom.  Lonely as a tomb.”

“Is that so, Gloom?  Let’s pair up and  find a room.”


It has rained most of the day.

The puppy has been stuck inside

with diarrhea

and most of his usual energy.

Every time I get comfortable

he’s onto me for a game.


I love the rain

but not the gloom

and keep flicking switches

trying to make sunshine

out of lightbulbs.


My fringe is in my eyes

and i need a shower

and the house smells

of dog pooh

and  my coffee’s gone cold.


The wind outside

says “shshshshshshshsh”

and i keep quiet

while chasing

the news stories

from my mind.

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