who gets to be a star?

the phone rings

it’s a survey

i actually don’t mind a survey

i guess it’s sadly validating


the problem is

you can only answer

in the way the survey lets you

and some surveys

are two party preferred

which is like multiple choice

but skewed.

sure, survey person,

the Greens haven’t hit the lead


but that’s like saying

America hasn’t ever had

a female president

so don’t survey about

female candidates

’cause they’re a no-go.

the future’s unwritten,

survey person,

although there may be some

are trying to rig it

if this were the ’50s,

I would say

the Greens are the wife

in this state

the wife who talks to people

nicely, you know,

and tends the garden

and who keeps the kids fed

and clothed

and healthy

in such a way

that hubby (the star)

(in this state, that’s the Labor Party)

looks good and friendly

“a family man”

“for the people”.

but it’s not the ’50s,


wives are out there

being stars on their own

whoever wrote these survey questions

is a control freak

pretending they get to


the firmament.

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