Who is going to help?

The minister says

“I am a Trump supporter.

So are most of my congregation

so we are not politically inclined

to wear masks.”

My brain does a manoeuvre

not dissimilar

to a cockatoo i watched yesterday

wobbling on a telephone wire,

flipping upside down

and swinging by one claw

with its head undulating


from side to side.

Is a mask political?

I suppose if you got

one printed

with your favourite

party slogan

it might be.

But then the minister says

something about belief in

Jesus’ healing and how wearing a mask

doubts Jesus’ abilities.

Jesus lived a long time ago.

I don’t know quite how things operated.

The New Testament was clearly written by his supporters

One wonders if

behind the scenes

some Roman Emperor was shaking his fist

at the time of the original


and crying


Back then you had to beg

for ears on loan

because Mark Zuckerberg’s

great (x4) grandfather hadn’t yet been


and tweeting was weird

to say the least.

So maybe the Emperor’s cries

went unheard.

All I’m saying is

Trump has a proven record

of blatant liary.

He’s a proper gander

at times.

So before you send

the masks back,

Mr Minister,

just check the sender.

Could be JC Junior of

Nazareth PPE Supplies.

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