The Irony of =

we have all watched

that expert flick

as the doctor

levels the serum

in the syringe

and then holds it

at eye-level

to the light

before carefully adjusting

for the perfect



We have all seen

that little squirt

(or dribble)

of precious liquid

that signifies

“safe to proceed”.

But now

as COVID sweeps the world


i see wealth

pouring from

that needle

Countries bags their seats

like children

on a bus

Not wondering for a moment

about the people

left standing.

They continue

as separate from us

as a parallel line.



One thought on “The Irony of =

  1. Covid is the great unequalizer: hopefully its hold is lessening; we are all hanging out for a vaccine — or for the virus to just die as the bubonic plague ddi and the Spanish Flu and Ebola. I hope you’re faring well 🙂

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