Fore & Aft

a petal from a spring blossom

drifts up

white, almost iridescent

in the angled light

and disappears

above the balcony roof.


the cat eases down

shoulder first

to the carved wood

belly golden ripe

for the sun

one paw in elegant outstretch.


even the puppy

lies quiet,

a flat white,

you could say,

ear inside out



in his later years

on days like this,

my grandfather would say


“a storm is coming”.

how right he was.


it wasn’t long after

that PMs per term

and disinformation

and inflation

all increased

but not wages.


I wonder what he’d say today

in this lap of serenity

at the eye

of global uncertainty.

Even if I can’t ask him

at least

I can still see his smile.

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