Beaten by a nose…

The PM, bless his buttocks,

believes in gas.

But a few people

(well quite a lot)

are wrinkling their noses

and trying to get

out of Scotty’s lift.


What problem is he solving?


Not price

we Aussies are paying

through the nose.


Not supply.



That’s what he wants

on tap, you know

But demand has dropped –

62% since 2014


Not emissions

(except maybe

of particulates.

Gas is more aerosol

but as we all know

from COVID

that doesn’t mean

less dangerous)


Not investor confidence.

They’re confused

by this “small government”

having such

enormous hands

all of a sudden.


It’s all a bit on the nose

to tax payers too.

Building a frumpish

gas plant

will take 5 years

and loads of debt.

Seems a funny

choice for infrastructure


when we could have


battery storage


recycling plants

mobile towers in remote areas

internet speeds at world standard.


Or even just a methane

processing plant

next to every tip.


That’s a gas, Prime Minister.

Not your normal hot air.

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