COVID has spread

the annual

spring flower festival

like seeds

across the city.

Tulips on street corners

guarded by

raggedy scarecrows,

pansies posing brightly

at busy intersections

or window boxes

brought to rainbow life

outside public buildings.

There are no rides

this year

or crafty stalls

or fragrant food trucks


And yet the joy

I think

is more generous

the spectacle

less voluptuous

the point

more beautiful.


Dare I say

I like it


2 thoughts on “Floriade

  1. The same thing is happening here. The nearby town of Wynyard also has a yearly tulip festival but this year instead of the big event there are going to be several small ones and of course the tulip farm will be open to visit which is the best part anyway. I don’t really enjoy the crowds at big events any more. I have always wanted to visit Floriade although when my best friend lived in Canberra she said it used to be expensive and hard to get a park at some of the venues. Now I live in tulip country I don’t mind so much not seeing the Canberra display although I would like to visit Canberra again some time. I’ve only been once and did not get to see much.

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    1. Yes, I am not keen on crowds. And I have a strangely deep resentment of queues. There are few things I will join a long queue for. The opportunity to climb the Eiffel Tower was one notable example (of something I did grudgingly queue for). So going to Floriade with kids who want to go on all the rides or pat the animals… it’s just not my cup of tea.

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