In Short…

Dear Local Lib Member,

Yesterday I received a phone call from your office. Of course, when you receive a phone call, you don’t have your arguments prepared or a list of stuff to hand. However, the discussion with your staff member inspired me to write this email.

The State Liberal Party doesn’t get huge amounts of press. But the National Liberal Party does and, frankly, this is how I perceive them:

* Dirty players (the death tax scam leading up to the 2019 election)

* Fraudulent (Sports Rorts for just one example)

* Anti science (lack of action on Climate Change)

* Bad for education (The Saturday Paper reported last weekend that the Coalition intends to take further funding from Universities who are already suffering so badly due to COVID)

* Bad for public health (threats to Medicare)

* Inhumane (refugees)

* Bad for freedom of the press (continually threatening the ABC with further funding cuts while supporting Murdoch)

In short, I think the Liberal Party is anti-democratic and dangerous. So even if you were the kindest most well-intentioned person in the world, I can’t vote for you. If you do not stand for what the National Liberal Party stands for, I don’t understand why you represent the Liberal Party.


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