A Planet in the Avocado Tree

In the lush green foliage of the avocado tree

a pair of gerygones are building a nest.

Their cascading notes are light and clear

as they busily flit and hover and pause

their little yellow breasts like tiny flags of hope.


I silently wish them every success against

the very valid appetites of the goannas,

the eagles, the red belly black snakes, the currawongs…

Is it right to deny these creatures a meal?


You can’t win

without somebody



Meanwhile China steps up to save the planet

“Carbon Neutral by 2060,” says Xi Jinping.


Others tell me about China like it’s a melting pot

of humanitarian issues; human lives being traded in

for government decisions. “We are so privileged.”

one friend says. “But what if some people’s lives

are being ruined by China’s decisions to go Carbon Neutral.”

I feel like I am trying to weigh individual hardships

against the value of the planet on which we live.


You can’t win

without somebody losing.


Chin on hands I turn back to the gerygones.

At this moment their little lives are my planet

and I would heartlessly fend off any hungry predator.

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