i call myself lazy
she says i get it from her
i protest "but you're conscientious!"
she says "that's just busyness".

yes it's easy to be busy
cooking, cleaning, blogging, walking puppy
busyness falls onto you
as readily as procrastination

he says "why don't you stop volunteering at the school?
then you could write in that time"
i object "I only just started. I would be letting them down."
and other significant excuses.

they are the bucket-load that i carry around
weighty with waiting
perhaps the chooks will eat them
if i sprinkle them like cracked corn

cracked corn
that's my self esteem
when i see other people doing it
just doing what they planned
instead of making excuses why they can't.

5 thoughts on “lazy

  1. You’re not lazy but I love the image of sprinkling the excuses in the ground for the chickens and cracked corn self esteem. Sometimes your self esteem is puffed up like popcorn and other days it’s the small hard kernels at the bottom of the barrel 😔

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