The Rising…

Even the straightest can bust a move, I mean
she's one square peg, or so we thought, but now
old Sandilands is comparing notches, tit for tat,
no pun intended, I swear.  We all thought
that woman is beat,  whipped and stiff as eggs
and sugar.  Then badda-bing... and Mr Murdoch's taken her in,
has smoothed those peaks, softened the mix, and taken 
pity shots in sepia.  "She's our favourite Premier ever",
(nostalgically) "so clean and square".  Never mention 
that funny round hole in the back-benches.  
Tap tap tap, nope, nobody's answering that phone-call
and nobody's hearing anything dodgy, mate.
She's straight as a cricket bat and solid as a barstool.
Leave her be, you insensitive leftist do-gooders.
A personal stuff-up mate, that's all, like poor old
Barnaby.  D'you remember him?  "Australians all
let us reJoyce."    And here she is. She's our man.  
Nah mate.  You're dreaming.  Nobody can Bury Jiklian.

6 thoughts on “The Rising…

    1. Ah. My tone doesn’t come a ross. Jj

      Ah. Interesting. My tone hasn’t come through. Now I understand the other comment I received better. I agree she has been a good premier and if it was only an affair, I would think the media was poking noses unduly. But unfortunately there’s evidence to suggest she knew of his shady dealings and ignored them. That’s not okay, in my opinion. Covering up is aiding and abetting. But I can see that my opinion hasn’t got through in my words. Thank you for letting me know. 😊. Glad the poem read well even if my intended meaning slipped away.


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