Poeting vs Influencing

It’s just me in my Vinnie’s specials

and five year old Uggs.-

I grew my hair long

to save on hairdresser bills

but I don’t have a selfie stick

and I pout like a fish.

.* *

Fashion is like the stars (to me) –

out there, often obscured by clouds

but then suddenly

a spit-fire revelation

of my insignificance.

I don’t mind, exactly,

being small, except that

my pen is tiny too

a toothpick to the influencers’ swords.

7 thoughts on “Poeting vs Influencing

  1. It’s hard to know how to comment on this because I feel the same kind of hopelessness. Influencers …people who you’d think would be knew and interesting are really beginning to be so similar and dull and yet they are so power. When did words lose their power?

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    1. My understanding is that beautiful people use their faces/bodies/photogenicity and their pithy words to advertise products/brands etc. I guess the good ones get picked up as kind of paid free lance marketing. Well I think that’s how it works. I guess you would have to be good at networking, PR etc. Probably they’re very talented. Marketing fascinates me in the strategies it employs but I totally distrust it.

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