Anger’s Wave

Emotion is energy –

the tsunami of it –

followed by a great flatness,

an empty sea.


my hull perches


atop some box-like


and suddenly vertigo hits

the dizzy whiplash

of yesterday’s words.

Me and my truth


want to topple

long to topple and smash

red and splintered as flotsam.

Even the big waves

find some immovable object

to smash against

It’s the laws of physics

stranding me

in my own shame.

3 thoughts on “Anger’s Wave

  1. a strong ending; ‘shame’ is not an emotion that is dealt with well; I wrote about it once in a tight, eight-lined poem which was published twice in ‘The Bulletin’, those long ago days 🙂 I put it on this blog in Feb this year. It still pains me to read it; as in your poem, it skirts the specifics of the incident which occasioned the shame, which is probably just as well

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