Maltese x ?

I'm here to endorse the occasional error,
the mix-up, the whoopsie, the "what've-I-done?".
Some are a pain or a little bit costly
but some are hilarious, useful or fun.

Some peccadilloes take months to be realized
and others cause laughter right there on the spot
like my friend whose kitchen plan boasted "panty space"
or the vegetable gardener who was losing his plot.

But the story which brought me to penning this ditty
was questioning the fatherhood of our dear little Pup.
Supposedly his Dad was a fine, white Shihtzu -
short and only six kilos when all grown up.

Our little one though has legs like a lambkin,
so skinny and long, full of scamper and pop
and his weight easily exceeds the seven kilo mark
so that I can't help thinking "when will he stop?"

So I text the breeder - just friendly and quiet
and say "Pup is tall and heavier than we thought"
she replies very quickly with the weights of both parents.
"Normal for a cavoodle" is her kindly report.

"Cavoodle?"  I add a smiley face for good measure,
this is news that she breeds cavoodles as well.
She blushes (I imagine) and sends us new weights
proving that Pup really is outside that curving bell.

She asks for a photo which I send very promptly
and I point out the leg length and also the snout.
I tell her he's fantastic, so smart and so loyal.
"Could Dad be a poodle?"  I can't help the doubt.

"I don't have a poodle."  her answer's emphatic.
I don't want to annoy her so what can I say?
I was never complaining.  Our pup's really awesome.
It was just curiosity at the end of the day.

Today, I met real maltese x shihtzus
and my suspicions were fully compounded.
Our pup is NOT what the advertisement said
but despite that my happiness never foundered.

Our puppy is everything to all in the family
a lapdog, a good walker, a loyal little friend
so poodle or mastiff or part shetland pony
what matters is the happiness he brings in the end.

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