Thanks, Mo Gawdat

i heard about a man
who called his brain Becky
and said
"it's just a 3 pound lump of meat"
he said
"we don't say 'I piss therefore I am'"
he said
"your brain is not you"

I could give my brain a name too
and tell it where to go
when it tells me bad stuff about myself
I could have proper dialogues
in bed at night
while the galaxy spins
or on the toilet
while I scrunch bog roll

Mo said
"I tell Becky: 'Stop saying those things
and tell me what I can do about it.'"

I like his quiet,
bossy tone.
He's a big-shot entrepeneur
but even I
can tell Old Smokey
a thing or two

"Fabulous ideas, my friend,
but frankly, your attitude
went down
with the Titanic."

What would you call your brain?

This is inspired by an interview on a podcast: How To Fail With Elizabeth Day season 4 episode 4.

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