Comparing Steps

Have you heard of Lawrence Lessig?
He's articulate and brainy.
He embraces big ideas
in tiny shells like pistachios
and his audiences clap and cheer.

Have you heard of Greta Thunberg?
She's small and shy-looking
but with anger like a burning stick
and surprisingly fearless.
Her audiences are often in trouble.

Have you heard of Bob Brown?
He's quietly spoken but he does stuff.
He's done real protesting and real politicking
and he reasons with an alibi of steel.
His audiences shake their fists (one way or another).

Have you heard of Neil Armstrong? 
Broadcast around the globe for one small step.
He raced to the moon cheered on by half the world. 
In front of flickering black & white screens,
his audiences sat agog 

For Bob, Greta & Lawrence though,
the race is against power, not with it.
Their luminescence feels tinier than a dinghy in a storm.
Compared to Neil's one famous step, 
their every stride feels like an aberration.

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