The Paradox

#FOWC – Paradox
Camping on the Nullabor -
that great nothing -
I draw a line
from the toe of my sleeping bag
to a pointer star.
I sketch in some ladder rungs
(aluminium looks like
silver on that elusive darkness)
and imagine the climb
to get up there to the great beyond.

The Halley's Comet of my childhood
is still out there 
waiting for another scoop
"Man camps on double mattress 
in box trailer while 
by the campfire river rocks explode - 
their own brief galaxies".

Eternal - that big word
like a brain ache -
taunts and ruffles
the feathers of sleep.
I am so small in these huge spaces
so small and so far down
my imaginary ladder.

I snuggle in
and roll onto my side.
The silver ladder wavers
like spider silk
and I imagine rolling
and rolling
through the night,
pulling on the silken line
until I am wrapped
in the cocoon
of the galaxy.

I am in the cocoon
as Earth is  -
her quilt
so distantly speckled
is all around me

Outer Space -
so far away
and all around  -
a beautiful

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