Hubris by my side.

Your questioning is deeply symptomatic
of a faith that's stopped being automatic
Just bow my friends. Kowtow for dividends.
When you do that, I'll stop being autocratic.

I can be very hard, I know it's true
but I'm only doing what's good for you
so just follow me & soon you will see
that one plus one doesn't always equal two.

I can't stand much more of your rudeness.
Doubting me now is freakin' useless
I don't need a running mate to win every state.
I've got me, myself & I. I've got Hubris.

5 thoughts on “Hubris by my side.

      1. I know; to write an extended rhyming poem on a complex subject can seem a little forced; the alternative is to put aside for a time or to present it as it is; I’ve done both 🙂

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