What is this "human spirit"
   this mysterious, awesome thing?
It's basically an iron stake
    to which the injured cling.

We're proud of our "resilience"
    (our giant brains love words)
but frankly our self obsession
    is verging on absurd.

Our spirit is definitely human:
    that's obvious to me
but the spirit part is not unique!
   It's in every bug, beast & tree.

The bushfires in Australia
     are a case in point, I'd say.
Even now the bush is fighting back
     to survive another day.

We think we're so clever
     all our medicine and tools.
But climate change proves us
     an ignorant bunch of fools.

So to applaud our mighty spirit
      is impertinence at best.
We're just struggling along surviving
      and making it harder for all the rest.

Written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge – Impertinent. Nov 25, 2020

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