We all have our own obsessions,
I suppose:
ears, elbows,
the delicately carved bones that point to the isthmus,
that lump of vertebrate just at neck's nape,
muscles (corded or smooth?), 
leg length, hip wiggle,
the indented curve between shoulder and bicep,
the way the upper belly is defined
by the medieval arch of ribs,
cheek bones, brow shape
Sometimes it's something so minute
like the way a strand of hair hangs
or a dimple or a particular curve of lip.
I am collecting
a smorgasbord of body parts
like Pinterest posts;
a menu of wishes.
I could play cut and paste
with my own reflection
for the rest of my life
and maybe end up
like the fibro shack
renovated to look like
a 16th century castle.
A lost identity.

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