When poems fail…

I tried to write
a clever poem
about self image
vs external perception.
The effort felt like shitting LEGO
so I read it to my husband.
He's an engineer
and even he 
couldn't discover 
a shape in the bricks.

When in doubt
write it out.
But don't expect poetry.

8 thoughts on “When poems fail…

  1. Well, this is a fun bit of poetry with a good message. Its important to remember its okay to right a pile of crap. You don’t have to share it. You can try to polish it. Whatever you do at least you wrote something!

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  2. It ain’t that easy to write rhymned trash,
    I tried damn hard, felt constipated
    So I thought, I’d give a bash
    Passed oblong blocks, disarticulated.
    The mirror reflects an Oz-Chinese
    How others see me matters not.
    My taste buds crave a pie and peas
    I’m happy to accept my lot

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