The Newsletter

Each Christmas I write a newsy letter
and email it off for worse or better
to friends and family, colleagues and such
who may or may not care that much.
Then, this year a neighbour chanced to say
that she throws her Christmas cards away
and how newsletters bore her half to hell
and she can't wait to bin them as well.
She's even thought how fun it would be
to write a fictional, dramatic fantasy
and send it off to see who was gulled
by the crazy lies she'd gone and told.
I try to shake her voice from my head
but earnest news turns gibberish instead.
I find myself thinking of the world -
how this "fake news" business unfurled
and how it turns out it is more fun
to make stuff up than be the boring one.

7 thoughts on “The Newsletter

      1. 😆😆. We actually received one from a relative in the USA today. He actually wrote “Can’t do anything fun at the moment so life is pretty boring”. His honesty was both revealing and refreshing.


  1. I would feel privileged to get a newsletter knowing that someone had gone to quite a lot of trouble to stay in touch. The downside is that I’ve got out of the habit of clearing my mailbox. Still it would be a pleasant surprise to discover a letter that is actually worth reading. 🙂

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