It Takes Nerve…

I took a photo of a fabulous 
                                white magnolia
           petals so extended, so righteous
And a great yellow jug of lily
          offering its nectar 

I walked by tremulous honeysuckle
                                   such shy profusion -
         those tiny eyelashes agape.

And that flock 
of tiny birds who dart in arrow's head
until formation flips and disappears
in the purple eternity 
of a lake at dusk

In irritated sweep
          a cockatoo head rolls
               yellow crest flat back
wings in confident space
  avoiding the chickering attack
of a little willy wagtail
           and the shrill mockery
    of an unaccompanied mynah.

Even the bean tree
   found its voice this year
          - articulate with blossom.

It takes nerve
    this showy display
 year after year
          despite endless abuses

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