The Other Cricketers

"You've got gall,"
said the bat to the ball,
"slamming around
like you don't care at all."

"You think it's my call?
To be thrown at a wall?
You're nuts"
retorted our friend, the ball.

"I bump and I fall
with no cushioning at all
I'm just unloved."
and  he began to bawl

"Oh stop your caterwaul!
Man, you can squall!
It's quite incredible
for a whinger so small!

"Now, if you recall
I too am hard as a wall.
We're like two heads
intersecting in a brawl.

"Just tough it out y'all
and take some panadol.
I wish these humans
would head off to the mall."
*Pexel's free images

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