Half Moon

the wine in the fridge door
was labelled "Half Moon"
but i was only getting milk
i pondered the label
as I poured the tea
and concluded that the word "moon"
sounds poetic.  Full stop.
It doesn't matter what comes before:
blood moon, sliver moon, tank moon, sallow moon...
we are conditioned to love
this round, bright word, 
this orb of mystery, this sixties adventure.
but of all the moons to find myself gazing at
of all the moons come upon and marveled at
of all the moons to dreamily camp by
i find the half moon the least romantic
the least intimate, the least conjuring of magic
i think it's a prejudice against straight edges.

but i guess the vineyard thought differently

4 thoughts on “Half Moon

  1. nicely done: I wanted to read this before I hit the sack; I like your ruminations on ‘moon’ and your prejudice against straight edges; made me think of a few moon poems I have written; may find one and post it; I haven’t written anything new for tomorrow so one from the archives might do; thanks 🙂

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