The In-Betweeners

More rain, long grey worms of it 
coiling into the grass -
this lush green blush,
this hurried jungle
springing upward.
We walk in the spaces between;
we are the air gaps,
the lungs between in and out.
We are paused, our minds at easy,
our strides on upswing.

Just now, it's us and the rain
us and the colour of a cloud
us and wet toes, cold cheeks,
fingers in pockets feeling dog treats.
Just now, it's your tail
damped from fluff to feathers
like my hair in strands
like my thoughts hanging driply.
Just now, it's the quiet lank of us,
stringing through suburbs.

We're the fine line, the wire
between mindful and mindless -
my eyes and your nose
roving and craving and being;
tuned in to tune out
humming and dum-dumming.
We feel the melody in the pattering
in the cool, damp scarf of air
in the leaves pointing glistening to the earth.
and we live in the weft of it for this time.

5 thoughts on “The In-Betweeners

  1. some nice images here; I like ‘ my thoughts hanging driply’; and ‘the quiet lank of us’ ; I haven’t come across ‘weft’ for a long time; going to have to look it up 🙂 stay dry 🙂

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