School Holidays

i am here every day, folks
   here like a clock
  ticking and ticking
 some days i feel useful
  measuring out the time
 in careful dollops of mash
mixed veg, of course
don't waste opportunities
   get it down 'em

i am here every day, folks
   answering questions
i sometimes don't even know
       if I've understood
    i'm good at spelling
  and i manage on animals
mostly... except when called upon
   to understand their psychology
 "Ask them yourself,"  I say

i am here every day, folks
   that's me behind the broom
while the drums are playing
   or the matchbox cars
are racing around the footstool
 I'm cooking dinner early
so we can go to the pool
'cause it's been damn hot
and i have friends there too.

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