At what point will poets achieve their peak
when it's no longer possible to be unique?
Every time I pen a verse
I wonder if I got there first...
Or is it a subliminal plagiaristic streak?

6 thoughts on “Copycat?

  1. Everything written these days is plagiarised and different only by our unique views. Worse there is so much crap being published that the really good stuff is getting binned by suffering authors along the way. Good poem.

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    1. Oh gosh. It’s like doing a PHD. You have to read all novels in this field to ensure originality. How involved! I am constantly amazed the sports people keep breaking records. Assuming no drugs are involved, surely there must be a limit. It’s the same in many fields.

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  2. Yessir, we’ve all had that thought. So, unh, what, stop reading others? Nah, that won’t work, having read it or not, it’s still possible, probable, likely. I recently bemused the same. All we can do is stumble along penning what we think. If it happens, it happens. Found guilty with intent or simple negligence, what are they gonna do, revoke our license?

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