washed up like seaweed, writhed and swept;

curled into herself on grit and fear; a body embattled.

she rises pale from the sand, eyes like luminescent plums

holding steady against the stormโ€™s furious exhale

but at her back another wave; an angry stampede

of tumbled elements buckling her knees.


she plunges forward through furious foam; the grinding suck

of displaced sand scouring raw her legs… but there it is

right there – a thing quite strong, shapely and alluring

but thin as a fingernail and already damaged

the colours familiar as her tattered self


in wonder she turns it in cold blue fingers

making clean this beauty on a storm-maddened beach

bucking ocean and stubborn rocks her ragged company.

not knowing but somehow sure, she presses it

against her cheek feeling its colour there like warmth


her breath in shuddering heft unfurls

the storm begins to subside

rearranged billows and white fizzing lickers

leaving her in a grey aftermath

her tired feet in solid contact

with the planet once again.



Inspired by Sarcastic Fringehead – Life in the Abyss

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